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April 2018 Poems

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It’s convenient to parcel out my life

In days and weeks because the rising and

The setting sun is easy to go by —

And if there weren’t day interspersed with night


It would be much harder to remember

What I did last week — and I am really

Grateful for my eyes to see bare branches

In a blue sky and grateful for my skin


And body so I can know what the cold

Of winter is — and also there is my

Marvelous mind that reminds me while a

Chill is rising from the snow on the ground


In several month the roses bloom again

And in summer I may wear a t-shirt.



I see the moon in

the morning and in

the afternoon too —

It’s an everyday

Presence to go by.



When I understand nothing moves faster

Than light and that the light from distant stars

Traveled billions of years to reach the earth

Then I appreciate immensity


And when I understand that during the

Passage of the light the stars radiating

The light have imploded and no longer

Exist then I encounter mystery —


And when I consider that the forces

Of gravity are whirling galaxies

And everything that exists is moving

In relation to every other thing


Then I have to put my life and efforts

In context with a sobering cosmos.


I have questions

and would like

solutions but

also I love

a rising sun.



The light a star generates radiates

In all directions and on earth we see

The cosmos from a limited point of

View and I believe it’s necessary


To question where we are going and to

Grasp purposes worthy of our living

Because we have the curiosity

And the wherewithal to comprehend so


Many of the facts about us and we

Know immensity and minuteness and

We understand our tininess within

The universe but no one can explain


How our molecules and electrical

Impulses create thought and emotion.



The immensity

of the cosmos is nothing

compared with the

everyday miracle of

ordinary consciousness.



The iron in my body came from an

Exploding star billions of years ago

And my body is composed of atoms

And molecules and strands of DNA


That testify to an origin I

Share with every living being on Earth

And within my body there are layers

Of organization where cells behave


Independently and for the good of

The whole also so that I can sit at

My table and cut an orange into

Pieces and taste the taste of an orange


And I can speculate from this table this

Moment is moving to infinity.


There are billions

and billions of stars

in space and atoms

in my body — there is

also consciousness.



Scientists uphold a prism of glass to

Separate the light into colors and

They aim spectroscopes to see the colors

Of starlight and thereby they deduce the


The age and chemical composition

Of the most distant stars and in a few

Thousand years by working together they

Have exposed the swirling cosmos and the


Inescapable fragility of

Humanity too and yet our human

Comprehension resembles a super

Nova bursting and seeding the empty


Spaces with a consciousness that will not

Be satisfied with lingering questions.


Even before the

questions could be

formulated there was

cooperation — there were


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Barry MacDonald

Editor & Publisher of the St. Croix Review.
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