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A Jury Speaks in Kenosha, Wisconsin

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A Jury Speaks in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Barry MacDonald — Editorial

Saul Alinsky, the brilliant and cynical community organizer, has revolutionized American politics many decades after his death in the 20th century. His manual, Rules for Radicals, suggests how to take power from the mighty and give it to the powerless. Several of Alinsky’s rules are: 1) demonize the opposition; 2) exacerbate the bitterness; and 3) keep the pressure on with repeated attacks.

We can see these rules in daily operation in the way that the mainstream media reports the news. The news is no longer the straightforward reporting of events; it has become a propagandistic enterprise for the advancement of a Leftist agenda. The daily news narrative is the tip of the spear. The mainstream media is following the Alinsky playbook.

Politicians set the rules of engagement; Democrat radicals are ruthless heavyweights, and Washington, D.C., establishment Republicans are self-interested and reactive. News commentators and celebrity talkers and showbiz people are clued into the game. Academics, bureaucrats, congressional staffers, lawyers, nonprofits, and left-wing judges provide intellectual muscle and leverage. The education establishment in America is busy with indoctrination in our classrooms. Billionaire tech barons provide media infrastructure. Shady billionaires like George Soros and wealthy foundations provide funding for left-wing causes.

The riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in the summer of 2020 were similar to hundreds of riots that followed the George Floyd incident. In Kenosha, riots erupted after Jacob Blake was shot by the police in the course of his arrest. Blake had armed himself with a knife. He admitted on national television that he had a knife. An investigation of the shooting concluded that the police were justified in their actions.

However, the Jacob Blake incident fit neatly into the pattern of the 2020 summer narrative — that another innocent black man was the victim of racist police brutality. The reporting of the news inflamed passions nationwide and a business section of Kenosha was destroyed over several days with riots and looting.

Kyle Rittenhouse was a 17-year-old who lived Antioch, Illinois, with his mother. He worked as a lifeguard 20 miles away in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse’s father and other relatives live in Kenosha. Rittenhouse considered Kenosha to be his community during the riots.

Like everyone else, Rittenhouse watched the mayhem going on in Kenosha, and, as he said on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News, he wanted to protect Kenosha. He went to Kenosha to help his community.

In the meantime, the Governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, refused to use the National Guard to put down the riot. The local police force was outnumbered, and did not intervene to stop the destruction of property and livelihoods. Kenosha was suffering from mob violence, and the lawful authorities abandoned their duty to protect the city.

In the absence of protection, Rittenhouse was asked by a friend to help defend a car dealership, Car Source. Rittenhouse armed himself with a rifle. He did not bring the rifle with him from Antioch, as the rifle was being kept by a friend, in a safe, in Kenosha. His possession and use of the rifle were legal, as the evidence at his trial proved. On Tucker Carlson’s show, Rittenhouse described the events of the night when he was forced to defend himself. He said that many people that night were armed — both rioters and defenders. This is a fact not reported by the media.

Rittenhouse was surrounded by chaos. Joseph Rosenbaum, one of the rioters whom Rittenhouse was forced to shoot, twice threatened verbally to kill him. As the videos of the night show, Rittenhouse was chased by a mob, attacked, knocked to the ground, battered with a skateboard, and had a gun pointed at his head. As the evidence showed, Rittenhouse did not provoke the attacks — he was retreating. He is certain that if he had not defended himself, he would have been killed. Rittenhouse shot and killed Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber; he wounded Gaige Grosskreutz.

Each person whom Rittenhouse shot had serious criminal histories — these facts went unreported by the media. Rosenbaum was a convicted child rapist. Each person Rittenhouse shot was white. Kyle Rittenhouse is white.

The media seized on Kyle Rittenhouse and demonized him. He was held up as an object to hate. Rittenhouse was smeared as a “school shooter.” Presidential candidate Joe Biden claimed, (and continues to claim as of this writing) that he is “a white supremacist.” The news narrative omitted the race of those who were shot — the implication being that Rittenhouse shot three black, Blacks Lives Matter, “protesters.” The media accused him of racism. The media downplayed the violence and destructive nature of the riots, portraying the events as “mostly peaceful protests.” The media claimed that his mother “drove him across state lines” (not true), and that he came eager to fight. The media said that he went to a community where he didn’t belong, “because he as a racist who wanted to shoot people.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said he was an “active shooter” who took his gun to a riot looking for trouble. He was a “17-year-old kid just running around shooting and killing protesters . . . who drove across state lines with an AR-15, and started shooting people up.” Even after the trial disproved his smears, Scarborough said Rittenhouse was a “self-appointed militia member . . . unloading 60 rounds.” Rittenhouse fired eight shots.

At his trial there was no evidence presented that Rittenhouse was a racist, a white supremacist, or a member of a militia — these were all lies. There was no racial component to his behavior at all. Rittenhouse was lawfully defending a friend’s property and livelihood.

The Kyle Rittenhouse case is a perfect example of an Alinskyite attack on American society. The Rittenhouse story fits within a broader news narrative that the media is spinning — that America is systemically racist. A continuing result of left-wing media reportage is the incitement of mobs that batter the rule of law and American justice. Innocent people were killed in the riots of 2020. Billions of dollars of property and livelihoods were destroyed. Criminals are now emboldened and the police have been defunded as a result of leftist agitation.

Why are Leftists hell-bent on destruction? In a foreword to his activist manual, Rules for Radicals, Alinsky observed that Lucifer was “the first radical known to man,” which is a revealing comment. The Left in America is fascinated with power — its acquisition, and its use. American society is poisoned and polarized with hatred, because news narratives have been fashioned into propagandistic attacks.

The Left pretends to care about racial justice by demonizing the white middle and working classes. White people are routinely accused of being racists. American history is replete with “white supremacy,” Leftists say. Meanwhile, the Left turns a blind eye to the innocent black victims of black crime. The plight of black families whose children are killed by stray bullets is ignored by the mainstream media because their stories don’t advance the cause of propagandistic news.

On Tucker Carlson’s show Kyle Rittenhouse observed that he wasn’t the one on trial: The American right to self-defense was on trial. Kyle Rittenhouse is perceptive as well as courageous. The right to self-defense in America could have been severely weakened but, fortunately, he was found not guilty.

Liberty-loving Americans should be grateful for the courageous jury in Kenosha. The jury carefully reviewed the evidence and came to a correct verdict — even though they could hear the chants of an inflamed mob outside the courthouse. The mob did not intimidate the jury in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Now that the Left has taken over so many of our American institutions, how may we patriotic Americans oppose them? Let the Left, with Saul Alinsky, put their faith in Lucifer. We should put our faith in God. And we good-hearted Americans need to support each other.     *

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Barry MacDonald

Editor & Publisher of the St. Croix Review.
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