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October 2022 Summary

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The following is a summary of the October 2022 issue of the St. Croix Review:

Barry MacDonald, in “The Lasting Impact of the 2020 Summer Riots,” compares an angry speech by President Biden in Philadelphia with the results of the riots of 2020.

Timothy S. Goeglein, in “We Are Reliving the Lord of the Flies,” remarks on the devastating impact broken families have on children, especially on boys who lack the presence of a father in the home.

Paul Kengor, in “Remember the Cold War’s Witness,” tells the moving story of Whittaker Chambers, the once-Soviet spy who broke from Communism and who testified against another American who was a Soviet spy, Alger Hiss; and in “Mikhail Gorbachev Meets His Maker,” gives a summation of the last leader of the Soviet Union, where he addresses a most surprising question — was Gorbachev a “closet Christian?”

Mark Hendrickson in “Children Are Less a Cost Than a Blessing,” responds to a study that says “It Now Costs $300,000 to Raise a Child”; in “The Orwellian Inflation Reduction Act,” he exposes the many dishonesties and distortions to the economy in the latest tax-and-spend bill coming from Congress; in “Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Newest Version: ESG,” he comments on the foolish and harmful effects that result when CEOs allow outside political activists to bully corporations into assuming controversial political positions.

Allan C. Brownfeld in “The Growing Threat to American Democracy Will Not Be Reversed Until We Recognize Its Reality,” warns of the danger of government by brute force; in “Fears Grow of a Society Coming Apart; Some Even Predict the Possibility of Civil War,” he details the many ways Americans are at odds with each other; in “Ending Race-Based Affirmative Action Programs: A Chance to Move Toward a Genuinely Color Blind Society,” on the verge of a Supreme Court ruling on the race-based admissions policies of American universities, he examines the differences between color blind verses quota-based systems.

Derek Suszko, in “The Fall of the Roman Republic: A Narrative and Analytical Comparison with the Contemporary Conditions of the United States of America — (Part 1 of a Series), launches a detailed account of two abiding republics for the purpose of determining how great republics fall to ruin.

Henry Alley, a recent graduate of Beechwood High School, in “Manipulation,” exposes the means by with clever narcissists perpetrate abuse and exert power over people — on an individual and societal basis.

Francis DeStefano, in “Income Inequality: 1950-2022,” uses William Buckley Jr.’s God and Man at Yale to expose the dominance of socialist ideals among economists at Yale at the time — a dominance of thought that still exists among “democratic socialists” today.

Francis DeStefano, in “The First Churchills,” reviews a British film about Winston Churchill’s ancestors, John Churchill and Sarah Jennings, who rose from the fringes of high society to be the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough; in “The Painted Veil,” he reviews both the film adaptation and the novel of the same title. The Painted Veil is a story about an English socialite wife who travels with her husband (whom she doesn’t love) to China, where she encounters the faithful and self-service of Catholic nuns in a convent orphanage.

Jigs Gardner, in “Letters from a Conservative Farmer — Greenism vs. Mankind,” compares the sensibility and practicality of environmentalism with the leftist ideology of “Greenism.”

Jigs Gardner, in “Writers for Conservatives: 4, Scott Nearing,” examines the writings of one of the original Communists in America who posed as a smug Green apostle.

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Barry MacDonald

Editor & Publisher of the St. Croix Review.
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