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October 2023 Summary Featured

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The following is a summary of the October/November issue of The St. Croix Review.

Barry MacDonald, in “The Big Lie,” cites several examples of how colossal and blatant lies are destroying the cohesion of America.

Michael S. Swisher, in “The Law — as It Was and Is,” makes the case that the separation of powers that was established by our Founders has broken down, and that we are being governed by a vast bureaucracy. He writes that Congress has shirked its duties and has surrendered its regulatory power to the “administrative state.” The federal judiciary has also given greater power to the bureaucracy through its rulings.

Derek Suszko in The Fall of the Roman Republic: A Narrative and Analytical Comparison with the Contemporary Conditions of the United States of America — (Part 6 of a Series),” searches for a faction of American society with tremendous untapped power, because it is a faction without which the nation cannot survive. He asserts that married, child-bearing women — who are not dependent on the reigning American elite — have enough latent power to overturn our entrenched elites.

Paul Kengor, in “This Sept. 11 Let’s Also Remember the Abraham Accords,” he credits President Trump for his accomplishments in moving Arab nations toward the recognition of Israel’s right to exist; in “The Dodgers of Perpetual Indulgence Strike Out” he gloats over the fate of Los Angeles Dodgers this season after they pledged their allegiance to the Woke agenda.

Allan Brownfeld, in “The Palestinians: Victims of a Complicated History,” details commentary by Jewish writers at the time of the displacement of the Palestinians, when the nation of Israel was established; in “Crime Is Escalating While Many Prosecutors Look Away,” he cites incidents of out-of-control crime and violence throughout the nation; in “Identity Politics Assaults Hollywood — from Leonard Bernstein to Oppenheimer,” he discusses the current uproar over the casting of non-Jewish actors in the roles of Jewish figures.

Mark Hendrickson, in “Climate Activists Have Exploited Our Children,” shows how effectively climate change propaganda has alarmed and depressed young people in America; in “Green Elites Are Attacking American Lifestyle,” he details the exploits of President Biden’s “climate envoy,” John Kerry, in leading the charge against American agriculture, internal combustion engines, air conditioners, water heaters, gas stoves, and incandescent lightbulbs. Hendrickson also questions the premise that CO2 is the driver of climate change.

Timothy S. Goeglein, in “For a Lifetime of Happiness Two Is Better than One,” writes about the central importance of marriage to a happy life, and about how a life without marriage is a lonely existence.

Robert DeStefano, in “Lichen Fence,” as a master botanist, explains the joys of lichen.

Francis P. DeStefano, in “Indoctrination,” uses insights from Communist China and Nazi Germany to conclude that elite totalitarian rulers are the most completely indoctrinated people in their nations.

Francis P. DeStefano, in “Two Russian Films,” reviews two films on Russia (one by the Japanese Director Akira Kurosawa) that reveal the character of the land and of the Russian people.

Jigs Gardner, in “Writers for Conservatives 8: Huck Finn and Friends,” shows how Mark Twain, with The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, altered the course of American fiction and influenced the work of Americans writers Sherwood Anderson, Ernest Hemingway, Ring Lardner, and many others.

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Barry MacDonald

Editor & Publisher of the St. Croix Review.
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