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Summary for August 2014

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The following is a summary of the August/September 2014 issue of the St. Croix Review:

In "Ronald Reagan's Faith and Optimism," Barry MacDonald shows why Ronald Reagan was successful.

Paul Kengor, in "The Left's Evolving Hierarchy of Rights," shows how the free expression of religion and property rights are being suppressed in preference for gay marriage and abortion rights; in "Ronald Reagan on Religious Tolerance," he presents a forgotten speech in which President Reagan talks about the vital, enduring strength of America.

Michael D. Dean, in "World View and Marriage," uses logic, science, tradition, culture, Christianity, and sheer intellectual power to show how the replacement of Christian belief with secular arrogance has led to a less humane state of American culture.

Tim Goeglein, in "God, America, and the Public Square," underlines the importance of our Christian faith that continues to produce virtues in each of us - making the future of America bright.

Thomas Martin, in "Is It Time to Alter or Abolish America?" looks at abortion from the standpoint of the Declaration of Independence.

In "Constitutional Disobedience?" Herbert London confronts a Georgetown University professor's view that America should scrap the Constitution.

Mark Hendrickson, in "How to Stop the EPA's Jihad Against Carbon," looks at the mad lust on the part of the Obama administration to jack up energy prices, and he makes simple suggestions; in "America's Losing Battle Against Poor Governance and the Whac-a-Mole," he describes a plethora of out-of-control bureaucracies, who for some reason are arming themselves, and a Congress that has abandoned its responsibility.

Allan Brownfeld, in "Why Is New York's Mayor - A Self-Proclaimed 'Progressive' - Challenging School Choice for Minorities and the Poor?" promotes charter schools; in "Jon Utley at 80: From the Beginning, A Life Touched by the Tragedies of 20th Century History," he writes about Jon's parents, and the evils of Communism.

S. Fred Singer, in "The National Climate Assessment Doubles Down on Doom," shows how President Obama, and various federal bureaucracies, are doing their best (with no scientific justification) to scare the wits out of Americans.

In "A Cape Breton Incident," Jigs Gardner writes about hardship, poignant natural beauty, and perseverance

In "The Death of Liberalism," Jigs Gardner tells the story of Mayor John Lindsay's hollow ideology, and his futile efforts at maintaining order in New York City in the late 1960s.

In "Survey of Conservative Magazines: Another Straw in the Wind?" Feyette Durlin and Peter Jenkin present essays that represent conservatives' unsettled views on Greenism and the Welfare State.

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